Nantucket Cottage Hospital Medical Lab Tech in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Job Summary:

Collects specimens, performs Quality Control and analytical testing, and evaluates and reports results following theories and principles of prescribed strategies.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

Specimen Handling

  1. Collects and processes specimens in accordance with Laboratory procedures as follows:

    1. collects specimens and processes correctly;

    2. determines acceptability of specimens submitted to the lab;

    3. notifies Phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor of unacceptable specimens and documents the incident(s); and

    4. instructs, when applicable, the Phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor on proper specimen collection.

  2. Judges appropriateness of test order and checks questionable order with Laboratory Manager/designee, Nurse or Doctor.

  3. Handles and disposes of laboratory specimens in accordance with laboratory safety procedures using personal protective equipment as required by:

    1. disposing of bio-hazardous waste and sharps correctly;

    2. maintaining a clean work area and disinfects as specified; and

    3. c) consulting safety manual and MSDS when cleaning a spill or disposing of chemical waste.

  4. Must be familiar with LIS (Laboratory Information System).

    Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities (cont’d)

    Testing/Analytical Procedures

  5. Produces accurate results by:

    1. ensuring reported results are corrected with less than 5 errors per year;

    2. ensures corrective reports are sent as soon as possible, and a phone report made to physician/nurse; and

    3. ensures communication log is checked daily for miscellaneous errors.

  6. Completes testing within designated turn-around time and organizes time effectively.

  7. Performs troubleshooting when results are abnormal by:

    1. recognizes abnormal results and correlates with the patient’s previous lab work, diagnosis and specimen quality;

    2. is familiar with test method interferences that can cause erroneous results; and

    3. confirms abnormal results before reporting, consulting with Laboratory Manager when appropriate.

  8. Accurately inventories and replenishes supplies rotating stock and using older supplies first.

  9. Accepts assignment by Laboratory Manager to serve as primary operator of a lab instrument, developing in-depth knowledge about the analyzer’s operation and maintenance.

  10. Records and reports test results in accordance with laboratory procedures as follows:

    1. documents review of test results produced by other lab workers as necessary;

    2. calls all panic values to the supervisor and/or physician immediately upon verification of results and documents time and date of call;

    3. phones the results to the appropriate physician or nurse when requested to do so; and

    4. writes reports legibly.

  11. Performs EKG’s and Holter Monitor’s.

    Quality Control

  12. Performs required QC procedures in accordance with laboratory procedures by:

    1. recording and evaluating QC results at the time they are performed, before patient results are reported;

    2. recognizing out of control results following QC rules in the procedures;

    3. evaluating and troubleshooting out of control results with the help of the Lab Manager or Technologist if necessary; and

    4. documenting problems and resolutions on QC Problem Log.

    Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities (cont’d)

  13. Performs required preventive maintenance and function checks on instruments in accordance with laboratory procedures as follows:

    1. following laboratory procedures for operation and maintenance of instruments, documenting results and corrective action for problems; and

    2. keeping instruments clean.

  14. Notifies Laboratory Manager of problems that cannot be resolved (discrepant results, non-functioning equipment, problems with reagents or QC results) before patient care and work flow is compromised by the delay.


  15. Answers the telephone as courteously and quickly as possible, taking messages, providing routine information, and/or referring call to appropriate party.

  16. Files laboratory reports as required.


  17. Uses appropriate oral and written communication skills to clearly and effectively present relevant ideas or information by:

    1. reporting to Laboratory Manager any problems or suggestions;

    2. exchanging job related information with co-workers; .

    3. awareness of lab changes by attending lab meetings;

    4. communicating with physicians, clients, and co-workers in a courteous manner;

    5. providing support in implementation of new procedures and routines;

    6. contributing to harmonious and effective working environment within the department;

    7. seeking out opportunities to enhance personal professional development; and

    8. reading communication log daily.

      Other Departmental Responsibilities

  18. Trains new employees.

  19. Reviews technical procedures as required and recommends appropriate changes.

  20. Attends Continuing Education programs, when available, and reads laboratory journals to keep current on new advances in instrumentation, techniques and procedures.

  21. Assists in collecting data for quality assurance monitor, new method or instrument validation or other special projects.

    Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required for the Position


    • Must be able to demonstrate adequate technical skills and judgment to function unsupervised during on-call, second shift, and weekend hours.

      Ability to:

    • Ability to assist volunteers and new hires with laboratory procedures

    • Ability to tactfully communicate with both internal and external customers.

    • Ability to handle stress and work in emergency situations. Ability to use of fingers and hands to operate all laboratory-related equipment as described on the Laboratory Department checklist. Additionally, must use beeper, telephone, calculator, fax, and other related office equipment.

    • Ability to stand and walk constantly.

    • Ability to lift up to forty (40) pounds unassisted.

    • Ability to bend, twist, crouch, squat, pull, push, reach, and remain stationary for short period of times and perform repetitive motions.

    • Frequent bending, twisting, crouching, squatting, pulling, pushing, and reaching required, as well as the ability to remain stationary for short periods and perform repetitive motions

    • Ability to use hands, fingers, arms and wrists, hearing, smell, and verbal skills are required in order to perform job duties.

      Credentials and Experience Required

    • Associates Degree required.

    • At least 1 year’s prior experience preferred.

    • American Society for Clinical Pathology (“ASLCP”), American Medical Technologies (“AMT”), Health and Human Services (“HHS”) and/or equivalent certification required.

    • American Heart Association BLS Certification preferred. Special Requirements

    • Although the position generally works the day shift, evening shift assignments, as well as the need to be on-call on a rotating basis for evening/nights, weekends, and holidays are required.

    • Must be available to work overtime as needed to complete all job duties.

    • Must be available to work in the case of a Hospital declared emergency.

Job: *MTs/Clinical Lab - Other

Organization: *Nantucket Cottage Hospital (NCH)

Title: Medical Lab Tech

Location: MA-Nantucket-NCH - Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Requisition ID: 3046546