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Tenet Healthcare Constant Observer Behavioral Med. Float Pool. 40hrs. Rotate. EOW/EOH. FUH in Framingham, Massachusetts

MetroWest Medical Center is the largest community health care system between Worcester and Boston. MetroWest Medical Center is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care, at a location close to home. The 307-bed regional healthcare system includes Framingham Union Hospital, Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick and the MetroWest Wellness Center. MetroWest Medical Center has been named to the 2019 America’s 100 Best Hospitals List by Healthgrades.

GENERAL SUMMARY: Under general supervision of Charge Nurse or a Registered Nurse and according to established department policies and procedures, maintains appropriate level of supplies and cleaning of equipment. Assists with observation and moving and restraining of patients as necessary. Provides services to adult, geriatric, and pediatric patients as instructed. Ensures quality and safe delivery of care to patients in the following age groups: All ages; School age; Adolescent; Adult; Geriatric.


  1. Observation

• Checks in with charge nurse for assignment

• Obtains report from patient’s nurse prior to starting assignment to include reasons for constant observation, level of constant observation, precautions, level of awareness, communication status, mobility, dietary restrictions, safety concerns, status for visitors

• Able to follow and understand level of constant observation for patient assigned by nurse

• Maintains constant visual contact including if going with patient to other departments for tests or diagnostics, while patient in bathroom and when visitors are present

• Does not leave patient unattended or out of view (constant observer will schedule breaks with the patient’s nurse and stay with patient until another constant observer comes to take your place while on break)

• When in room, keeps patient in view at all times

• Does not shut door to bathroom when patient using it, keeps patient in view

• Does not leave room to get supplies or anything else

• Documents on constant observer flow sheet every 15 minutes or more often as nurse instructs

• Calls for assistance as nurse instructs per hospital policy

  1. Safety

• Keeps patient door will be open/partly open at all times

• Maintains level of constant observation at all times

• Keeps sharp/dangerous items out of room (plastic cutlery only, no lighters, no guns/knives)

• Assists nurse to inspect all items brought in by visitors, nurse will instruct you if assistance is needed

• Does not keep scissors in your pocket

• Does not have items around your neck (ID badge, stethoscope)

• Does not allow patient to leave room unless the nurse allows it

• Does not try to physically restrain patient, do not physically block a patient attempting to leave, follows at a safe distance, calls for help using instructions given by nurse. If a patient leaves the room, calls for help immediately. Does not follow a patient without calling for help. Follows hospital specific code to call for this situation

• Does not allow patient to leave area including to go to other departments unless nurse allows, if a transporter arrives to take patient off the area, asks nurse if this will be allowed

• Assists patients in/out of bed and to/from bathroom as ordered activity level permits

• Informs nurse immediately if patient expresses desire to harm self

  1. Patient Privacy

• Maintains confidentiality of all patient information

• Refrains from discussing patient and information with anyone other than staff assigned to patient or patient’s physician

• Respects the patient’s rights with concern for safety as a priority

• Listens and acknowledges patient’s feelings

• Conveys compassion, empathy and understanding


• Patient has control of the choice of TV station

• Do not have personal electronics or anything that takes your attention from patient (iPod, CD player, Game boy, phone, books, magazines)

• Do not make personal phone calls, eat food, close eyes, sleep

• Always have someone in the room to observe the patient before you take any breaks

• Notify the charge nurse for any issues/concerns



  1. The level of knowledge equivalent to that ordinarily acquired through completion of a High School Diploma with formal training for the team approach to patient intervention.

  2. CPR certification required.

  3. Completes all required online courses on duties of the constant observer, on

restraint and seclusion.

4.Completes hospital approved training in managing patient behaviors and

de-escalation techniques (i.e. CPI, SAMA).

  1. Constant observer providing patient care must have completed all applicable


Job: Laboratory and Clinical Technicians

Organization: MetroWest Framingham Union Hospital

Title: Constant Observer Behavioral Med. Float Pool. 40hrs. Rotate. EOW/EOH. FUH

Location: MA-Framingham

Requisition ID: 2005036911