Next Step Health Care Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)/ REGISTERED NURSE UNIT MANAGER in FITCHBURG, Massachusetts

1. I dentifies education needs of the staff and plans with the SDC/ADNS a program to meet needs 2. Evaluates and provides feedback to the SDC/ADNS and to the individual staff member regarding effectiveness of the program.
  1. Participates in the evaluation of staff competency.

  2. Demonstrates, teaches and evaluates nursing skills utilized in direct patient care of the units specific patient population.

  3. Promotes professional developement and career opportunities for nursing staff.

    Quality improvement:

    1. Participates in the developement, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement activities for the center and or unit as requested.

      1. prepares written reports, reviews records and participates in needed data collection as indicated.

      2. Reviews clinical records of patients with unplanned rehospitalizations to identify areas in need of improvement.

      3. Ensures that patient accident/incident adverse event and grievances/concerns are fully documented, investigated, reported and addressed in accordance with the center's policies and procedures and the federal /state regulations.

      4. Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive health information at all times.

      5. Performs other related duties as required