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Steward Health Care System Mammography Coordinator in Dorchester, Massachusetts

At Steward Health Care System, we are committed to improving the health of our communities by delivering exceptional, personalized health care with dignity, compassion and respect. Our continued focus on the patient experience informs our caregivers in how to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient and family preferences, needs and values.

We dedicate ourselves in the communities we serve to delivering affordable health care to all and being responsible partners. No matter what your role, as a member of the Steward family, you are a specialist in the making every patient and family feel right at home, every co-worker a key to our success, and every referring practice, a team of prized colleagues.

In support of this, we commit ourselves to the following values:

C ompassion

A ccountability

R espect

E xcellence

S tewardship

If you are seeking a fast-paced, challenging position in an organization committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in all we do, our organization may be a good fit for you.

Responsibilities & Standards

  • Pre-exam responsibilities:

    Greet patient courteously, within 5 minutes presentation of requisition with less than two legitimate complaints per six month period as determined by Director of Imaging.

    Introduce self to patient and instruct the patient regarding your role, the exam the patient is having and answer any questions relevant to that exam; establishing and maintaining patient confidence, with less than two legitimate (as determined by Director of Imaging) complaints in a six month period.

    Review patients' requisition and/or history determining the appropriate supplies needed and/or direction given to patient for appropriate undressing.

    Prepare room and/or equipment per departmental procedure per exam.

  • Performance of exam: Provides care to patients ranging in age adulthood through geriatrics. The technologist must possess the ability to assess the requirements of the patients as they pertain to age, and must perform examinations as defined in Department Policies, in a manner consistent with the patient's age.

    Assist patient for positioning, pursuant to departmental safety guidelines and/or the correct utilization of body mechanics.

    Position patient appropriately for adequate imaging utilizing appropriate restraining devices if required.

    Select proper technical factors on an individual patient basis.

    Operates the equipment as directed with proper care to minimize equipment breakdown, and/or the delivery of proper radiation protection in accordance with prescribed safety standards.

    Practice sterile technique and/or be cognizant of infection control practices at all times as instructed by departmental and hospital infection control precaution guidelines.

    During examination, observe patient's condition and if unusual, report to attending physician, radiologist or other appropriate personnel. In the event that the patient experiences crisis, summon the nearest available help or initiate emergency medical procedures.

  • Quality control:

    Check all exams for quality and completeness of requested exam as specified by department procedure manual.

    Check all images with radiologist as specified by departmental procedure.

  • Post-exam requirements:

    Obtain and call out wet readings as specified by request and/or departmental procedure.

    Dismiss patient upon completion of exam with attention paid to explanations to the patient on an as needed basis.

    Arrange for transportation of patient to the appropriate location.

  • Perform all related data collection and entry functions as directed by departmental policy.

    Scan requisition for completeness and accuracy and complete or correct if necessary per departmental guidelines.

    Assess patient's status regarding pregnancies, mobility, and/or cooperative factors as determined with notification given to radiologist for interpretation.

    Total all images taken per patient and state on requisition with 100% accuracy.

    It is the responsibility of all technologists to sign or initial their name on each requisition or case they have completed 100% of the time.

    To complete all billing information and to perform required computer entry activities.

    Deliver all completed images to the radiology PACS.

  • Equipment maintenance surveillance:

    Maintain and utilize x-ray equipment as instructed or for its intended purpose, per departmental guidelines, manufacturers' instructions and departmental procedure manual.

    Perform cleaning procedures on x-ray equipment between patient exams as required per departmental and/or hospital infection control guidelines.

    Inform Director of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of any malfunctions in the equipment to minimize any potential accidents, as required by the departmental safety procedures.

  • Maintain an adequate stock of pertinent supplies. (Per room assigned and personal supply requirements):

    Establish needs for daily assignments in assigned room per departmental procedure guidelines.

    Notify Director of impending supply shortages.

    Maintain adequate supply of markers, gloves, or other shielding/protection devices as required, as specified or discussed at departmental safety in-service education meetings.

  • Participation in Quality Assurance

    To ensure that any assigned quality assurance project has data properly collected and is reported in an appropriate manner.

    Active participation in total quality improvement as assigned by the Radiology Manager.

    Gain the appropriate support of those individual supervisors in order to ensure total quality improvement is being carried out, throughout those they supervise.

  • Quality Control

    To assure that all quality control programs are strictly adhered to.

    To implement any quality control programs that are appropriately assigned.

    To carry out, collect and report on any quality control program that is on going.

    To be aware of any new or modified quality control programs that are required in the area.

  • Supervisory Roles

    To guide, direct, evaluate, and train technologists in their assigned area.

    To control the daily operation, including simple problem solving to ensure smooth daily operation.

    To ensure all specialized accreditation criteria are met.

    To ensure that proper training techniques are taught to all technologists and/or clerical staff as appropriate.

    Must have all required special registration of licensure for performance of particular exams.

    To ensure that all supplies that are kept within the area supervised and to interact with the Director on ordering of supplies and any changing needs that may arise, due to change in policy and procedure.

    Create and maintain policy and procedure manual for the specific area.

    Direct and organize In-Service education for individuals in the area.

    Coordinate regular meetings to instruct, inform and educate supervised staff.

    12.0 Licensure and Continuing Education

    Maintains current copies of both ASRT and Massachusetts Licenses in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging.

    Maintains copies of all continuing education for the 2 most recent licensing periods. (4 years total)