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The Overlook Nursing Supervisor - Full Time - 2nd Shift in Charlton, Massachusetts

Job Description Position Title:             Nursing Supervisor FLSA STATUS:                     Non-Exempt

REPORTS TO:                     Director of Nursing

SUPERVISES:                       Nursing Staff

DEPARTMENT:                  Health Center Nursing Services

COMPANY:                          MHS/The Overlook – Charlton Campus

Full-Time 2nd Shift


The primary purpose of the Nursing Supervisor is to supervise the day-to-day nursing activities of the OMHC Health Center during scheduled hours. Such supervision must be in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, regulations and Joint Commission that govern our home, and as may be required by the Director of Nursing Services, to ensure that the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all times.

The Nurse Supervisor is delegated the administrative authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out their assigned duties.


Administrative Functions

  • Assist the Director of Nursing Services in directing the day-to-day functions of the nursing activities in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the long-term care facility.

  • Participate in enforcing policies and procedures that govern the day-to-day functions of the nursing service department.

  • Ensure all team members comply with procedures set forth in the Nursing Service Procedures Manual.

  • Submit reports and recommendations to the Director as necessary concerning the operation of the nursing service department.

  • Assist in developing methods for coordinating nursing services with other resident services to ensure the continuity of the residents' total regimen of care.

  • Ensure that all nursing service team members are in compliance with their respective job duties and responsibilities.

  • Participate in the development, maintenance and implementation of the OMHC Health Center's Performance Improvement Program for the nursing service department.

  • Participate in home’s surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies and Joint Commission as requested by the Administrator or Director of Nursing Services.

  • Meet regularly with the nursing staff, as well as support staff to ensure smooth operation.

  • Admit, transfer, and discharge residents as may be required.

  • Complete accident/incident reports as may be required.

  • Communicate and educate the department's policies and procedures to team members, residents, and visitors, as may be required.

  • Perform administrative duties; completing clinical and administrative forms, evaluations, studies, charting, as may be required.

  • Other related duties and responsibilities that may become necessary or as directed by your Director.

    Team members Functions

  • Work together with nursing leadership and directly engage in performing the necessary tasks to ensure sufficient number of licensed practical and/or registered nurses and certified nursing assistants are available for your shift to ensure that quality care is maintained.

  • Work together with nursing leadership and directly engage in developing work assignments, and/or assist in completing and performing such tasks.

  • Provide oversight to each Charge Nurse to ensure that they perform his/her assigned duties and responsibilities including the oversight of the CNA as assigned.

  • Make daily rounds of units to ensure that all nursing service team members are performing their work assignments in accordance with acceptable nursing standards. Intervene directly to provide guidance and direction to correct identified performance and service issues. Report findings to the DNS.

  • Ensure that established policies and procedures, are followed by all team members.

  • Conduct initial investigation and report complaints and grievances made or filed by residents, visitors and team members. Make appropriate reports to the Director as required or as may be necessary.

  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with members of all departments of OMHC Health Center to ensure that the needs of the residents are met in accordance with their care plan requirements.

  • Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the unit and shift.

  • Meet with your shift on a regularly scheduled basis to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas and/or to assist in the improvement of services.

  • Ensure that departmental corrective action is administered fairly and without any discriminatory practices.

  • Report occupational exposures to blood, body fluids, infectious materials, and hazardous chemicals in accordance with the OMHC Health Center’s policies and procedures governing accidents and incidents.

    Nursing Care Functions

  • Inform all members of the care team of new admissions, their expected time of arrival, room assignment.  Nursing, Rehabilitation, Dining, Engagement, Housekeeping and Laundry must all be informed to ensure prompt service and care delivery for the new admission.

  • Greet newly admitted residents within 15 minutes of actual admission.

  • Make rounds with physicians as may be necessary.

  • If necessary, please communicate with the appropriate attending physician to record and sign progress notes, physicians' orders, on a timely basis and in accordance with current regulations.

  • Visit residents identified as being at increased risk, who have had a recent incident/accident, recently admitted or others so that a representative sample of residents are visited on a daily basis to observe and evaluate their resident physical and emotional status and ensure that the care plan is being followed.

  • Ensure that direct nursing care be provided by a licensed nurse, a certified nursing assistant, and/or a nurse aide trainee qualified to perform the procedure.

  • Review nurses' notes to ensure that they are informative and descriptive of the nursing care being provided, that they reflect the resident's response to the care, and that such care is provided in accordance with the resident's wishes.

  • Provide direct nursing care as necessary.

  • As may be required in support of Staff Nurses, start IVs, obtain sputum, urine and other specimens for lab tests as ordered.  Take TPRs, blood pressures, etc., as may be required.

  • Lead and or participate in the documentation and physical process to support the admission, transfer, or discharge of residents as may be required.

  • Report problem areas to the DNS. Assist in developing and implementing corrective action initiated either independently or in concert with the DNS and/or other members of Nursing Leadership.

  • Keep the DNS informed of the status of residents and other related matters through written/oral reports.

  • Assist the Charge Nurse with managing seriously ill residents as may be required.

  • Ensure that all RNs and LPNs on your shift comply with written procedures for the administration, storage, and control of medications and supplies.

  • Review medication sheets (MAR) periodically for completeness of information, accuracy in the transcription of physician orders, and adherence to stop order policies.

  • Inspect the nursing service treatment areas daily to ensure maintained in a clean and safe manner.

  • Meet with residents, and/or family members, as necessary. Report problems to the DNS.

  • Ensure implementation of the Wound Protocols, Fall Protocols, Respiratory Care protocols and all others as may be established in support of resident care in accordance with nursing practice and facility policy.

  • As a Registered Nurse Supervisor and in the absence of a physician, communicate with the attending physician and in accordance with standard practice and nursing protocol and State laws and regulations pronounce the death of a resident.

  • Ensure family members are informed of any significant change in clinical status, in the event of an incident or accident involving the resident and/or the death of a resident.

  • Call funeral home as may be required following the death of a resident.

    Staff Development

  • Participate and as may be required lead ongoing training of all team members to ensure well- educated Team Members on each of our nursing service units.

  • Attend and participate in continuing education programs designed to keep you abreast of changes in your profession, as well as to maintain your license on a current status.

    Safety and Sanitation

  • Assist the Risk Manager in developing safety standards for the nursing service department as necessary.

  • With guidance and direction from the Staff Development Coordinator and Safety Officer ensure all team members performing tasks that involve potential exposure to blood/body fluids participate in appropriate in-service training programs prior to performing such tasks and continue to follow current policy and procedure.

  • Ensure an adequate supply of personal protective equipment is on hand and readily available to team members who perform procedures that involve exposure to blood or body fluids.

  • Ensure all team members follow procedures for use and disposal of personal protective equipment.

  • Ensure patient care and services are provided in a safe manner consistent with Care Plan requirements.

  • Monitor your shift's team members to ensure they are following established safety regulations in the use of equipment and supplies.

  • Ensure all nursing service team members comply with established departmental policies and procedures.

  • Ensure nursing service areas (nurses’ station, med rooms) are maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.

  • Ensure all resident rooms, treatment areas, etc., are maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner.

  • Ensure nursing service team members follow established handwashing procedures.

  • Ensure nursing service team members participate in and conduct all fire safety and disaster preparedness drills in a safe and professional manner.

  • Ensure implementation, and maintenance of the infection control and prevention program for monitoring communicable and/or infectious diseases among the residents and team members.

  • Ensure nursing service team members follow established infection control and prevention procedures when isolation precautions become necessary.

  • Ensure implementation and maintenance of procedures for reporting hazardous conditions or equipment.

  • Ensure all team members wear and/or use safety equipment and supplies (gait belts, mechanical lifts) when lifting or moving residents.

    Equipment and Supply Functions

  • Recommend to the DNS the equipment and supply needs of the department.

  • Participate in the development and implementation of the procedures for the safe operation of all nursing service equipment as may be requested.

  • Ensure only trained and authorized team members operate nursing service equipment and that they do so in a safe manner.

    Care Plan and Assessment Functions

  • All resident care is based on physician orders, clinical assessments and other inputs that become the bases of a resident centered Care Plan.  As may be required, facilitate the process and participate to ensure the development of written preliminary and comprehensive assessments of the nursing needs of each resident as necessary. The written plan of care (preliminary and comprehensive) for each resident identifies the problems/needs of the resident, indicates the care to be given, goals to be accomplished, and which professional service is responsible for each element of care.

  • As may be required, review resident care plans for appropriate resident goals, problems, approaches, and revisions based on nursing needs.

  • Ensure that all team members involved in providing care to the resident are aware of the resident's care plan. Ensure that nursing team members refer to the resident's care plan prior to administering daily care to the resident.

  • Actively review nurses' notes to determine if the care plan is being followed periodically and whenever there is a question that arises associated with care or as may be required.

  • Review resident's clinical care and nursing treatments to ensure they are provided in accordance with the resident's care plan and wishes.

    Resident Rights

  • Maintain the confidentiality of all aspects of protected health information.

  • Monitor nursing care to ensure that all residents are treated fairly, and with kindness, dignity, and respect.

  • Ensure that all nursing care is provided in privacy and that nursing service team members knock and await a welcoming response before entering the resident's room.

  • Ensure that all nursing service team members are knowledgeable of the residents' responsibilities and rights including the right to refuse treatment.

  • Review complaints and grievances made by the resident and make a written/oral report to the Director indicating what action(s) were taken to resolve the complaint or grievance. Follow the Overlook’s established procedures.

  • Report and investigate all allegations of violation of the OMHC Abuse Prevention and Reporting Policy.

  • Ensure that nursing staff team members honor the resident's refusal of treatment request. Ensure that such requests are in accordance with the OMHC Health Center's policies governing advance directives.


  • Must have training in rehabilitative and restorative nursing practices.

  • It is preferred that this position be held by a Registered Nurse who must possess a current, unencumbered, active license to practice as an RN in this state.  Alternatively a Licensed Practical Nurse with a current unencumbered, active license to practice as an LPN in this state.

  • Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

  • Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

  • Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with team members, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/team members, and the general public.

  • Must be knowledgeable of nursing and clinical practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to long-term care.

  • Must possess leadership and supervisory ability and the willingness to work harmoniously with and supervise other team members.

  • Must possess the ability to plan, organize, develop, implement, and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures, etc., that are necessary for providing quality care.

  • Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as the willingness to handle difficult residents.

  • Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles and be willing to incorporate them into existing nursing practices.

  • Must be proficient in the use of computers and other technologies within the clinical environment

  • Must be able to relate information concerning a resident's condition


  • Works in office area(s) as well as throughout the nursing service area.

  • Moves intermittently during working hours.

  • Is subject to frequent interruptions.

  • Involved with residents, team members, visitors, government agencies/team members under all conditions and circumstances.

  • Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset residents, family members, team members, and visitors.

  • Communicates with the medical staff, nursing team members, and other department team members and supervisors.

  • Works beyond normal working hours and on weekends and holidays as may be required.

  • Is subject to call-back during emergency conditions.

  • Attends and participates in continuing educational programs.   

  • Is subject to injury from falls, burns from equipment, odors, throughout the work day, as well as reactions from dust, disinfectants, and other air contaminants.

  • Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, including TB and the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.

  • May be subject to the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals.

  • Maintains a liaison with the residents, their families, support departments to adequately plan for the residents' needs.

  • Must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the workplace.




The Overlook is a non-profit organization operating since 1911 and offering a full continuum of care and services for older adults in MA. The organization embraces its rich history and heritage, owning and managing 218 Independent Living Apartment Homes and Cottages, 28 Enhanced Care Private Suites, a 14- Suite Assisted Living Memory Care neighborhood, 27-unit Short-term Post-Acute Rehabilitation, 112-bed Long Term Care Skilled Nursing, as well as Home Health, Hospice, Palliative Care, Private Duty and Care Management divisions.

The Overlook and its 3 subsidiaries are based in Charlton, MA, with satellite home health and hospice offices across the state. The organization employs approximately 600 talented and compassionate Team Members and serves 1,500+ Residents/Patients.

The Overlook has a Vision to design a mixed-use Community beyond its singular function as a Retirement Community, a pedestrian-friendly, walkable "Village Center" environment, with select retailers, restaurants featuring fresh, locally sourced food, a brewery, a large banquet, and events center, enriching programs, health and wellness-focused on mind, body and spirit, and more. The Overlook’s bucolic setting on 450 acres of beautiful New England countryside, 16 miles of nature trails, a dog park, and a wealth of amenities offer limitless possibilities in helping us reposition our Campus.


All Team Members of The Overlook must embrace and commit to conducting themselves at all times in support of our 28 Guiding Principles, Culture of Excellence, and core values, which form the foundation of our unique culture. The Overlook strives to exceed expectations, inspire and "Do what's best for those we serve."

Integrity: saying what you mean, meaning what you say (in action and words), even if it hurts you personally or professionally

Respect for Individual Choice: empowering and supporting others in their Self-determination for health and well-being, as they define it

Compassion: understanding and empathy for others

Creativity/Innovation: thinking wildly, planning accordingly

Grace: putting people at ease, without compromising performance or outcomes


  • Solid Track Record of Promoting

  • Team Members from within

  • Plenty of Free Parking

  • Free Daily Lunch on

  • Campus

  • Vacation, Sick, Holiday Time + Floating Holidays

  • Travel Reimbursement

  • Professional Development

  • Flexible Spending and Health Reimbursement Accounts

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Short + Long Term Disability, Life Insurance

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • Access to Fitness Center, Pool, and Onsite Massages

    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Overlook will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages prospective Team Members and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. The Overlook is strongly committed to diversity and a workplace environment that respects, appreciates, and values employee differences and similarities. By providing and supporting a work culture that fosters and builds upon diversity and its strengths, The Overlook will better serve our communities. The Overlook is an employment-at-will organization and an equal opportunity employer committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, The Overlook prohibits retaliation against an applicant or employee because he or she has engaged in protected activity under the statutes prohibiting discrimination in the workplace.

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