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Lahey Health Anesthesia Technician - Evenings in Burlington, Massachusetts

Welcome To Welcome to Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, part of Beth Israel Lahey Health. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is a world-renowned tertiary medical center known for its innovative technology, pioneering medical treatment and leading-edge research. A teaching hospital of Tufts University School of Medicine, the hospital provides quality health care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty, from primary care to cancer diagnosis and treatment to kidney and liver transplantation. It is a national leader in a number of health care areas, including stroke, weight management and lung screenings, among many others. Lahey also helps to advance medicine through research and the education of tomorrow's health care leaders. About the Job Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Chief Anesthesia Technician , assists the Anesthesiologists ' and CRNAs ' with technical preparation for inducing anesthesia , intubation , and airway management. Prepares and maintains supplies and equipment used for administration of anesthesia and other related procedures . The position is fast moving and covers a larg e area. Essential Duties & Responsibilities including but not limited to : I. Sets-up operating room with r e quir e d e quipment and s uppli es according to the type of cases and a ges of the patient s. Consults with Anesthesiologist or CRNA for s pecific se tup n ee d s as n ecessary or requested .. Lo ca ti include but not limited to Operating Room s, Radiolo gy, Litho, EP , Radiation Therapy and E ndo scopy. 2. Prepare s care for the pati e nt b y th e followin g: • Assi sts anesthesiologists with lin e plac e m e nt s includin g central lin es, followin g s t e ril e technique. Ca libr ates equipment as r e quir e d i .e. Transducers and SY02 Ca th e ter s. • Assists Anesthesiologists and CRNAs with airway mana ge m e nt , includin g se t up for airway care , se t up of fiberoptic sco pe , se t up of atomizer and topical so lution s for awake intubation , assists with cricoid pre ss ur e d rapid se qu e nc e. • Test s, sets-up , maintain s s t er il e t ec hniqu e and pro cesses autologous blood product s for r e-i nfu sio n . Packa ge, and report to Anesthesiologist th e volume , est imat e d blood lo ss (EBL) and returned proc esse d unit vo lum e. • Set up and prepare Anesthesia machin es for lat ex and mali g nant h y p e rth e rmia cases . Assists Anesthesiologist by th e followin g: • Sets up IV so lution s, e quipm e nt , cardiac monitor s and anesthesia m ac hin es. Changes tank s on m ac hin es and line canisters as need e d . • Re s pon s ible for cleaning anesthesia machin es as well as other anesthesia equipment, after eac h case. Remov e empty or unu se d vials , sy rin ges, or m e di ca tion b ags (Exception: Federal DEA Schedule V and higher medications) and di s po ses th e m in appropriate r ece pta c l es after eac h case. • Take s appropriate u se d equipment part s to C.S.S . for proce ss in g and s terili za tion . • Follow s established protocol s a nd u ses prop e r s t e ril e t ec hniqu e in th e proc e dur e room e nvironm e nt. • Order s tank s of gases or other anesthesia s upplie s as n ecessa r y, brin gs low s tock it e m s to th e s up erv i sors atte • Supplies and exchanges vaporizers as requ es ted b y th e Anesthesiologist or C RNA . • Maintain a ppropriat e l y stocked red ca 1i s prior to OR e ntr y Minimum Qualifications: E ducation : Hi g h sc hool diplom a o r e quival e nt. S kill s, Knowl e d ge & Abilities: Ability t o pr e par e a nd se t up e quipm e nt for Anesthesia pr oce dur es . Ability t o m a int a in ste ril e fi e ld s , C l ea n a nd di s inf ec t a n es th es i a in s trum e nt s a nd e quipm e nt. Ability to p e rf o rm t ec hni ca l duti es in co mpl ex c lini ca l s itu a ti o n s Kn ow l e d ge of m e di ca l t e rmin o l ogy Ability t o u se a n es th es ia e quipm e nt a nd r e lat e d s uppli es Knowledge of ba s i c p a ti e nt ca r e. Ability t o pri o riti ze tasks a nd r es p o n s ibiliti es Abi li ty to se t - up , o p era t e and tr o ubl es h oot anesthesia d e li very sys t e m s, m o nitor s , a nd ancillary d ev i ces. Ability to assists Anesthesiologist w ith m o nitorin g , indu ctio n , a nd intub a ti o n of p a ti e nt s . Expe rien ce: One year of ex p er i e n ce in a p a ti e nt ca r e e n v ir o nm e nt. Hour s 40 hours. During the orien t ation and training period which will last approximately 1 year, the schedule will be Monday through F ri da 6 : 00am to 2 : 30pm . Upon completion of orientation and training , the schedule will be Wednesday , Thursday and Friday , 6 : 00am to 2 : 30pm and Sa t urda Sunday , 7 : 00am to 3 : 30pm . On ca ll required - -mus t be able to be ready to work within a half hour from the ini t ial call Scheduled Hours 40 Hours About Us Beth Israel Lahey Health is d edicated to improving health and wellness and making a difference in the lives of our patients, their families and all members of the communities we serve. Formed in March 2019, Beth Israel Lahey Health is a patient-centered, integrated care delivery system providing a continuum of services spanning academic, tertiary and community hospitals, dedicated orthopedic and psychiatric hospitals, primary and specialty care, community acute care, ambulatory care, behavioral services and home health. Beth Israel Lahey Health Performance Network is a unified joint contracting and population health management organization, jointly governed by participating physicians and hospitals. Equal Opportunity Employer/Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans. REQNUMBER: 171786-1A