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Steward Health Care System Medical Technician ICU / EMT / EMT-B / Nights 7PM - 730 AM in Brighton, Massachusetts

At Steward Health Care System, we are committed to improving the health of our communities by delivering exceptional, personalized behavioral health care with dignity, compassion and respect. Our continued focus on the patient experience informs our caregivers in how to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient and family preferences, needs and values.

We dedicate ourselves in the communities we serve to delivering affordable health care to all and being responsible partners. No matter what your role, as a member of the Steward family, you are a specialist in the making every patient and family feel right at home, every co-worker a key to our success, and every referring practice, a team of prized colleagues.

In support of this, we commit ourselves to the following values:

C ompassion

A ccountability

R espect

E xcellence

S tewardship

If you are seeking a fast-paced, challenging position in an organization committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in all we do, our organization may be a good fit for you.

ICU Medical Technician, 36 HRs/Week, Day/Night Rotator (7:00AM to 7:30PM/7:00PM to 7:30AM), Every 3rd Weekend, Holidays Required

I. Position Function:

The ICU Technician functions under the direction of the Nurse Manager and/or Charge RN. He/she provides direct patient care as delegated, consistently provides a high level of customer service for patients, family members and visitors ,supports the physical environment by tracking, cleaning, organizing patient care equipment, maintaining patient supplies by inventory, restocking and organizing supplies daily and as needed.

II. Job Relationships:

The ICU Technician will be accountable for his/her action within the scope of job description.

  • Accepts direction from the RN and communicates pertinent data in a timely manner.

  • Works collaboratively with other members of the health care team.

  • Communicates in a professional manner with patients, family and all members of the health care team.

  • Has knowledge and ability to access appropriate resources

  • Adheres to all Hospital and departmental specific policies and procedures. III. Authority: Has requisite authority required to accomplish the objectives set forth in the departmental Provision of Services Plan and to accomplish the following specific responsibilities. IV. Responsibilities/Essential Functions and Patient Care Needs: "Provides superior customer service to internal and external clients, customers, and patients as referenced in the Service Excellence Standards.

  • Performs hourly rounding on patients.

  • Answers nurse call lights in an efficient manner.

  • Prepares ICU room(s) for admission assuring that standard equipment is ready for use.

  • Admits patients to the central monitor and connects telemetry, oximetry, BP monitoring equipment to patient under the direction of the nurse.

  • Collects, records, and communicates the patient’s clinical data to the assigned nurse in a timely manner.

  • Transports or accompanies patients as necessary to other areas of the hospital in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner.

  • Provides comfort care such as positioning, changing linen, back rubs, toileting, enema, etc. to patients in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner.

  • Assists with computer entry as needed, i.e. intake and output, VS documentation.

  • Communicates any changes in patient status immediately to the assigned nurse or Charge RN.

  • Maintains patient and family confidentially at all times.

  • Sets up for procedures as requested by nursing/medical staff.

  • Participates in Crisis Intervention through the use of verbal and potential de-escalation of unsafe or aggressive behavior per CPI technique.

  • Cleans and/or discards used equipment and supplies.

  • Sets up oxygen supplies under the direction of the nurse; i.e. simple masks, oxyhoods, non-rebreather masks, venturi masks, nasal cannula, blow-by, and resuscitation bag.

  • Demonstrates ability to respond productively in a variety of emergency situations, providing direct and indirect patient care activities.

  • May provide basic life support, such as airway management and CPR while notifying RN of emergency situation.

  • Performs phlebotomy on selected patients 15 and over. Uses aseptic technique when drawing blood cultures.

  • Prepares specimens for lab.

  • Responsible for the organization, cleaning of biomedical equipment, checking stock and working order for IABP, CRRT machine, Artic Sun, code cart, capillary glucose machine, ultrasound, etc.

  • Labels and notifies malfunctioning equipment to Biomedical Engineering.

  • Performs point of care testing quality controls daily.

  • Obtains specimens, performs and records testing for capillary glucose,.

  • Performs 12 lead EKG.

  • Properly labels, stores and transmits EKGs.

  • Set up and prime tubing with solution that contains no medications for alines, PA catheters, etc...

  • Accounts for and cares for patient belongings.

  • Collects specimens, while maintaining Standard Precautions.

  • Responds to patient and family requests promptly, seeking nurse’s supervision as needed.

  • Assists with patient care procedures as directed by the nurse, using proper body mechanics and ensuring patient dignity.

  • Acts as a constant observer as requested by the Nurse Manager and/or Charge Nurse, adhering to guidelines to ensure patient safety at all times.

  • Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients serviced.

  • Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed.

  • Stocks all rooms, carts, cabinets with supplies as needed. Stocks linen as needed.

  • Check rooms for equipment, EKG cables, NBP cuff, Oximetry cable, etc.

  • Maintains the environment of care by reducing clutter, maintains cleanliness of general work area including, beds, stretchers and wheelchairs. Has knowledge of:

  • Has knowledge of normal values for vital signs and O2 saturation and notifies RN of abnormal or changed findings.

  • Has knowledge of normal & abnormal blood glucose levels & documents abnormal findings and alerts RN or charge RN of findings.

  • Performs responsibilities in a self-directed and cooperative manner.

  • Uses time constructively and organizes assignment for maximum productivity.

  • Cooperates with peer group in varying schedule assignments on time sheet.

  • Meets the demands and functions during stress and emergencies in a positive manner.

  • Takes responsibility and is accountable for his/her actions or in-actions and standard of practice.

  • Requests and accepts constructive criticism.

  • Develops a rapport with peers and co-workers that is conducive to patient care.

  • Works in a team approach to accomplish unit goals.

  • Maintains an acceptable attitude and professional appearance.

  • Manages conflict and frustration in a positive and constructive manner. Responsibilities/Non-Essential Functions:

  • Performs related duties as necessary. V. Reporting Requirements: Reports occurrences in RL solutions that are related to patients, other staff, self or equipment. Reports immediately to nursing staff any changes in patient condition warranting intervention. Reports to Nurse Manager and/or Charge RN any broken or lost equipment. Reports to Nurse Manager and/or Charge RN any patient complaints/dissatisfaction. VI. Accountability: Accountable for maintaining the confidentiality and security of all patient data and information. Accountable for maintaining confidentiality of personal computer passwords. Accountable for accurate preparation of patient records. Accountable for abiding by all relevant policies, procedures, and protocols. VII. Qualifications: Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent. Minimum Experience: One year related technical job experience. Phlebotomy experience preferred. Minimum skills/abilities: Able to communicate verbal/written English language. Able to complete mathematical computations required to perform responsibilities. Able to analyze simple issues and solve them with direction. Certification/Licensure: EMT or Nursing Aide Certification required. BLS certified. CPI training Phlebotomy experience preferred Training: Successful completion of related training program. Special Qualifications: Basic computer knowledge including EMR, Microsoft documents Proven experience in interacting with individuals and groups. Requires strong organizational skills. Phlebotomy experience Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled