Bay Cove Human Services Nurse Consultant in Boston, Massachusetts

Responsibilities: Consult with Program Director(s) and Senior Program Director(s), as well as Nurses to promote and ensure optimum health and health care of individuals in programs. Participate in staff and clinical meetings on a regular basis. Monitor, evaluate and make recommendations regarding medical issues. Facilitate communication with medical professionals including meeting with them as necessary, regarding medication and or health care needs of individuals. Provide training to staff and individuals on health care topics, such as diabetes blood pressure monitoring, insulin management, g-tube and j-tube feedings, skin care, health care documentation, etc. Complete documentation and maintain records such as nursing notes, health care assessments, or health care treatment plans. Monitor medical record keeping systems and Medication Administration Program (MAP) to ensure compliance with all State and Federal regulations. May provide episodic direct nursing care to individuals as needed. Act as on-call consultant to staff on a rotating schedule. Qualifications: Massachusetts Registered Nurse (RN). Proficient in clinical and professional interpersonal skills, verbal, writing, and computer skills. Use of personal cellular telephone and vehicle for work purposes. Driving License Required? Yes