Tufts Medical Center Medical Technologist: Blood Bank in Boston, Massachusetts

Medical Technologist: Blood Bank

Department: Blood Bank

Schedule: Part-Time Regular

Shift: Various days/shifts

Grade: 10

Hours: saturday evening and overnight shift, rarely Friday

Job Details:


The blood bank medical technologist's goal is to optimize patient care by achieving excellence in technical and interpersonal skills. A blood bank technologist will perform duties in both the Blood Bank Transfusion Service (BBTS) and Stem Cell Processing Lab (SCPL).

A new blood bank technologist will be under supervision until fully trained.

The BBTS technologist will perform routine and non routine testing, blood component preparation, quality control, inventory control, equipment maintenance, irradiation of blood products, release of blood products to the floors, clinics and OR's for transfusion, washing and deglycerolizing appropriate blood products and resolving complex antibody identifications. The BBTS technologist will provide Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell (HPC) processing, inventory control, record keeping, and issue of HPC products for transplant.

The BBTS technologist will assist in updating and writing SOPs and will participate in quality assurance tasks as assigned.


Consistently applies the corporate values of respect, honesty and fairness and the constant pursuit of excellence in improving the health status of the people of the region through the provision of customer-friendly, geographically accessible and high-value services within the environment of a comprehensive integrated academic health care system.

Performs the following testing and processing in BBTS:

ABO and RH typing, antibody screening

Resolve complex antibody identifications and identify blood products suitable for transfusion.

Compatibility testing.

Preparation of blood products and components, following special protocols including transfusions for infants under 4 months, intrauterine transfusion, and high hematocrit red blood cell preparation.

Washing and deglycerolizing appropriate blood products.

Freezing red cells and FFP for future transfusion.

Release of blood products to the floors, clinics and OR's for transfusion.

Antigen typings.

Irradiation of blood products.

Knowledge of AABB, CAP and FDA guidelines

Computer competency.

Entering blood products and components into the inventory.

Process autologous and donor directed units.

Manual record keeping and logs.

Coordinate the influx and outflow of blood and blood products from the Blood Bank to patient floors.

Quality control of equipment, reagents and processes.

Communicate information between the Blood Bank and personnel inside and outside of the facility.

Inventory control.

Equipment maintenance.

Rotates through weekend and holiday shifts.

During emergency situations normal work hours and shift lengths may not apply.

Provide on call coverage for minimally staffed shifts.

Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed.

Performs the following testing and processes in SCPL:

Processing Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell (HPC) on the COBE 2991 and COBE SPECTRA.

Quality control of HPC equipment, reagents and processes.

Freezing of HPC products in the KRYO 10 controlled rate freezer.

Preparation of product and infusion cart for transplant.

HPC inventory control.

HPC processing for freezing.

Other HPC procedures, routine and research, as developed.

Knowledge of AABB, FACT and FDA guidelines.

Viability testing of products.

Management of patient and donor processing records.

Sterile technique preparation of wash solutions for BM harvests.

Maintenance of the biologic hood.

During emergency situations normal work hours and shift lengths may not apply.

Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed.


Competence in technical ability, a high degree of testing accuracy and laboratory techniques

Sterile technique

Problem solving skills

Multitasking skills

Good decision making processes and ability to prioritize

Ability to work well under very stressful situations

Ability to work as part of a team

Ability to take direction and keep clerical errors to a bare minimum

Knowledge of quality control and quality assurance

Ability to work with a minimum of supervision

Excellent organizational and record keeping skills

Strong computer skills and knowledge of blood bank computer modules is preferred


A level of knowledge typically acquired through a BA/BS degree in Medical Technology including a year internship in all clinic laboratories is preferred. As a minimum must have a level of knowledge typically acquired through a Bachelor's degree in Biology.

Experience in Blood Bank technology, histocompatibility, laboratory procedures and techniques and a strong immunohematological background is preferred

Requires a current Medical Technologist registration (ASCP, HEW, CLS, MLT or equivalent)


A minimum of 1 year experience in a blood bank preferred, but will train otherwise suitable applicants.


Requires a current Medical Technologist registration:

ASCP - American Society of Clinical Pathology

HEW – Department of Health, Education and Welfare

CLS – Clinical Laboratory Scientist

MLT – Medical Laboratory Technician

SBB (ASCP) – Specialist in Blood Banking

BB (ASCP) – Blood Bank Technologist

Or equivalent