Armstrong Ambulance Service, Inc. Paramedic in Arlington, Massachusetts

POSITION SUMMARY: Administers basic and advanced life support to care for sick and injured persons in a pre-hospital setting. Initiates treatment in accordance with BLS and ALS Clinical Standards of Practice, other company policies and procedures, Statewide Treatment Protocols, and medical control physician orders. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Medical Response Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures to be followed or need for additional assistance. If there is more than one injury or patient, establish priorities. Attempts to restore and stabilize heart rhythm on pulseless, non-breathing patient. Initiates intravenous fluids to administer medication or drugs, or to replace fluids lacking in body. Performs endotracheal intubations and cricothyrotomy to open airways and ventilate patient. Administers injections of medications, drugs, or immunizations. Administers initial treatment at emergency scene and takes and records patient?s vital signs. Provide medical examination and screening of patients consistent with approved Protocols. Assists in extricating trapped victims and transports sick and injured persons to treatment center. Observes, records, and reports to physician, patient?s conditions, and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents. Directs and coordinates patient care, between interagency (i.e. Fire and police) personnel and other Company employees. Communicates with Physician and other medical personnel via radio or telephone. Administers additional care as directed by emergency room medical and nursing staff. Communicates with patient, patient?s family, others at the scene and at the hospital in a courteous and professional manner at all times. Completes and assists in the completion of necessary patient and company paperwork in accordance with company policy and procedures. Transport Vehicle and Equipment Use Drives vehicle to address or location given, using the safest and most expeditious route dictated by traffic and weather conditions, traffic ordinances, and regulations concerning emergency vehicle operation. Properly load, secure, and transport patients in accordance with company policy and procedures Transports and accompanies patient to the receiving facility while monitoring and treating patient during transport. At each shift, completes vehicle and equipment checklists to ensure ambulance is properly stocked and ready for service. Armstrong Ambulance Service Paramedic Drives vehicle to the address or location given, using the safest and most expeditious route dictated by traffic and weather conditions, traffic ordinances and regulations concerning emergency vehicle operation. Lifts and places patients on stretcher, restrains patient appropriately, , lifts and moves loaded stretcher into ambulance. Drives ambulance to and from emergency and non-emergency scenes in a manner appropriate to dispatch direction and to patient condition, at all times considering due regard for the safety of self and others. Company Standards Performs all duties in a safe courteous, confidential and professional manner, always taking into account the well-being of the patient. Maintains a positive and professional image by being well groomed and properly attired at all times. Maintains response readiness consistent with company?s response criteria. Mentors, trains, and encourages fellow staff as needed, to help them attain their full potential. Completes all reports, including patient care records, legibly, accurately, and on a timely basis. Maintains certification through clinical experience and continuing education. Maintains confidentiality of all customer and Armstrong information. PATIENT PRIVACY: All Employees of Armstrong Ambulance are required to read and sign a 'Confidentiality Agreement' which includes the following expectations of employees: Employees are expected to protect the privacy of all patient information.