Raytheon Temporary - Annotator/ Transcriber in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Raytheon BBN’s AVOKE team is in need of a Japanese Annotator/ Transcriber to help improve Language Models used in the AVOKE Call Browser to transcribe telephone calls and inform efforts to improve customer service. Collect and prepare chat, transcribed speech, and other data for use in language model training. Run and debug training jobs, assess performance impacts, and determine optimum recognition parameters. Assist in developing a replicable, easy-to-use process that can be applied to multiple languages. *Required Skills: Computational Linguistics background, especially in speech recognition and language modeling, linux shell and scripting, perl or python. (Near) native ability to speak/read/write Japanese needed for annotation and call analysis work. *Desired Skills: Familiarity with spoken and written Mandarin and/or Cantonese. *Required Education: M.S.in Engineering, Computer Science, or Computational Linguistics with 0-5 years of experience or Bachelors in Computer Science and 2+ years of direct experience. 97719