Franciscan Hospital for Children Safety Officer in Brighton, Massachusetts

Safety Officer




Full Time


Day Shift


Job Details:


The Safety Officer initiates and oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive physical safety program and is responsible for compliance with accreditation standards and licensing regulations related to the program. This person provides leadership for safety assessments; coordinates the activities of the Environment of Care Committee; educates staff on their roles and responsibilities relative to the environment of care; and promotes a safe, functional and supportive environment within the Hospital.


  1. Responsible for planning, developing and implementing plans, policies and procedures relative to the environment of care (EOC).

  2. Establishes program goals and objectives in consultation with administration, and performs program evaluations in accordance with standards and regulations.

  3. Chairs and organizes the EOC Committee. Works with the committee members to establish priorities.

  4. Keeps informed regarding regulatory changes related to hospital safety and responsible for leading efforts to incorporate changes; conducts tracers and collaborates with staff to main compliance with TJC standards and applicable state and federal regulations.

  5. Develops periodic program activity reports for leadership including actions taken both proactively and based on occurrences as well as barriers to optimal program implementation. Recommends and facilitates change within the organization to promote a positive safety culture.

  6. Leads the annual proactive annual risk assessment; engages appropriate participants in the assessment; ensures completion of improvement activities related to identify risks. Collaborates with workman's compensation representatives to conduct assessments to control the risk factors for present and future losses related to injury.

  7. Receives, investigates, and works to resolve physical safety incidents; maintains records in accordance with approved hospital standards of document creation, retention, preservation, and destruction.

  8. Designs and implements educational opportunities that develop staff's understanding of safety standards and their role and responsibility for the maintaining a high awareness for conditions that could threaten safety and responding before the situation causes harm.

  9. Coordinates and evaluates safety and surveillance rounds at a frequency in accordance with standards and regulations; reports problems to the responsible manager and assists manager with corrective action as necessary; reports findings to the EOC Committee regularly.

  10. Receives and reviews product and equipment recalls; collaborates with materials management to retrieve affected products and risk management to investigate; prepares reports for EOC Committee.

  11. Collaborates with Facilities and Infection Control to assess for risk during periods of construction and takes action to minimize risk.

  12. Coordinates and conducts fire drills; reviews and evaluates results affecting safety/regulatory issues; ensures implementation and compliance with interim life safety measures; collaborates with Facilities in the maintenance of the statement of conditions.

  13. Designs, coordinates and conducts emergency response exercises; collaborates with the EOC Committee to plan and critique exercises; oversees the development and implementation of the corrective action plan based on the identified improvement opportunities.

  14. May negotiate contracts with outside agencies providing services related to safety; plan, recommend and establish controls for evaluating and monitoring the performance of the contracted agency; and resolved identified problems.

  15. Participates in the budgetary process to secure resources for safety program activities.

Experience: A minimum of five years experience in environmental safety and security; strongly prefer hospital or healthcare experience.

Education: Bachelors Degree in management, business, engineering, healthcare or a related field required; may be substituted by at least eight years experience in environmental safety and/or security.