Franciscan Children's Hospital & Rehabilit Physician-Moonlighter in Brighton, Massachusetts

Physician-Moonlighter coverage at Franciscan Children's: Night, Weekend, Holiday coverage in Pediatrics

Inpatient coverage at Franciscan Children's includes:

? Coverage of 32-40 medically complex inpatients in a post-acute environment. Generally, there are typically about 16 patients on ventilators, 3-5 patients on non-invasive ventilation, and the remainder of patients have complex medical conditions, feeding dysfunction, or acute injury requiring rehabilitation services. **

o There are no admissions during hours covered by moonlighters. There are no routine discharges, although there are occasional emergent transfers back to acute care, on weekends, holidays or nights**

? Coverage of medical concerns on the inpatient psychiatric unit**

? Brief, focused, Medical H&P's for patients admitted to the inpatient psychiatric unit on weekends (usually 0-3 patients/day)**

? Acute brief examination and medical clearance for patients post restraint/seclusion on the inpatient psychiatric units**


? A Moonlighter slot consists of 2 week night 14 hour shifts plus one 23 hour (Sun) or 24 hour (Sat) weekend shift per month. In addition, each full-time moonlighter is currently responsible for coverage of one 'Major' holiday shift per year.

? Major Holidays Include Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

? Weeknight shift: 6pm-8am

? Weekend shift: 9am-9am on Saturdays, 9am-8am on Sundays

? Major Holidays: 9am-8am (except for holidays falling on a Friday which is 9am-9am and Christmas and New Year's Eves which are typically 6pm-9am)

? Minor Holidays are covered by Franciscan inpatient medical team during the day with moonlighters covering the usual weeknight 14 hour 6P-8A shift.

? If a moonlighter needs to leave Franciscan earlier than 8am, there is a mechanism in place for earlier sign out.

*Pay: *$105/hour

Additional Info:

? Franciscan Children's is fully staffed by 2-3 Respiratory Therapists 24 hours/day

? Beginning in 2017, Moonlighters will be assisted by FC Nurse Practitioners for 8 hours/day on weekend and holiday shifts