State of Massachusetts Seasonal Apiary Inspectors in Boston, Massachusetts

Seasonal contract position with no benefits associated. Approximate period of employment is during the honey bee season of the months March-October and as needed during the other months. Work may require extensive travel in Massachusetts, including some weekends and evenings. Incumbent will work independently and as part of a team, and be responsible for collecting and recording data from inspection efforts.

Duties: The Apiary Program, through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Crop and Pest Division, provides regulatory, incidence evaluation and technical support for honey bees and honey beekeepers in the state of Massachusetts. The incumbent will play an important role in ensuring the health and vitality of apiculture in Massachusetts. Primarily the incumbent will be responsible for completing the following tasks:

-Directly examine honey bee colonies (using protective equipment) for various health related issues including but not limited to hive, brood and adult bee pests, parasites, pathogens and pesticide exposure.

-Take samples of honey bee brood, colony products (i.e. wax, pollen, honey, etc.), adult bees and hive equipment, when necessary, to troubleshoot and diagnose health or incident related issues. Submit samples to diagnostic labs and provide honey beekeepers with results.

-Collaborate with other departmental Inspectors, when appropriate, to investigate honey bee kill and pathogen spillover incidences.

-Provide education and technical information to honey beekeepers for prevention, treatment and control of honey bee health issues.

-Review the husbandry procedures and methods employed by honey beekeepers in hive management to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

-Prepare and participate in continuing education/outreach demonstrations for honey beekeepers when necessary.

-Prepare and submit reports of inspection activities. Maintain databases of inspection activities, health reports, incident reports, etc.

-Investigate, quarantine and issue administrative orders when necessary to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious honey bee diseases.

-Communicate with other apiary inspectors, researchers, extension agents, and pest control advisors to stay current on risk factors, health issues, and management and treatment options for apicultural practices.

-Issue health permits for interstate movement of honey bees and hive equipment

  • Qualifications:*

-Applicant must have experience performing the duties described above and have either

-3 years of experience working with honey bees, maintaining hives or conducting apiary inspections.

-15 semester hours of college or technical school coursework in entomology, biology, zoology, and/or agriculture for one year of the required experience with a maximum substitution of two years.

-Applicant must have a valid US driver’s license and own vehicle, and be prepared to spend an extensive amount of time in the field. Travel will be reimbursed at a standard rate per mile.

-Applicant must have experience with spreadsheets and database entry, Microsoft Office software package including Outlook email and familiarity with navigation via GPS mapping.

-Given the nature of the work described above, applicant must not possess an allergy to bees or bee stings.

Preferred Qualifications:

-Knowledge of modern honey beekeeping practices including hive husbandry, management techniques and treatment options.

-Knowledge of honey bee health issues including but not limited to hive, brood and adult bee pests, parasites, pathogens and pesticide exposure.

-Knowledge of methods for treatment and eradication, when possible.

-Knowledge of laws and regulations related to Massachusetts honey beekeeping practices.

-Ability to create and sustain positive relationships with hobby, sideline and commercial honey beekeepers.

-Ability to comprehend and provide technical information to all types of audiences on topics related to honey bees.

-Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and previous experience entering data and developing reports.

-Possess high standard for ethical conduct, honesty and integrity.

-Ability to align behavior with needs, priorities and goals of the department and program.

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job: *Administrative Services

Organization: *Department of Agricultural Resources

Title: Seasonal Apiary Inspectors

Location: Massachusetts-Boston - 251 Causeway Street

Requisition ID: 1700036H