Tufts Medical Center Grossing Pathology Technician in Boston, Massachusetts

Grossing Pathology Technician

Department: Lab: Anatomic Pathology

Schedule: Full-Time Regular

Shift: Day shift

Grade: 10

Hours: 10:30 to 7pm

Job Details:

  • Associate's degree required

  • Oversees the daily flow of work through the Surgical Pathology Laboratory. Organizes specimens and human remains for processing; enters patient related data into the computer system. Monitors infection control and universal precautions adherence. Responsible for general maintenance, cleaning and stocking of the laboratory. Preparation of human postmortem examinations, assistance with human postmortem examinations, and teaching of human postmortem examination technique to residents. Preparation, gross description and dissection of non-complex tissue biopsy specimens. Responsibilities: Coordinates specimen handling from Operating Room and clinical services. Logs in specimens, assigns surgical number and informs Senior Pathology staff of specimens requiring immediate attention. Distributes specimens for processing by Residents and Pathologists' Assistants. Enters appropriate clinical information. Identifies each specimen and assesses required work-up into the CoPath Computer program for each surgical case. Prepares small surgical specimens by labeling, preserving in appropriate fixative and preparing for histology. Performs gross description using voice activated Dragon Nuance software. In selected instances, may order special stains. Monitors universal precautions adherence including guidelines for appropriate laboratory clothing, ventilation systems, contamination and labeling for Pathology Staff, Residents and Medical students. Assists in the orientation of new residents to Surgical Pathology laboratory operations, Universal Precautions and Specimen handling procedures. Serves as liaison with professional and technical staff in other departments to request special available tests and to verify the requirements for proper handling of specimens prior to sending the Pathology. Works with Information Services department to trouble shoot computer problems for Anatomical Pathology and voice activated systems. Maintains and cleans laboratory, washes cutting board and instrument table. Selects instruments as needed for each days work and prepares stocks of reagents and restocks supplies. May perform heavier cleaning as needed. Ensures that autopsy room is cleaned and maintained. Assists with autopsies and teaches autopsy techniques to residents. Participates in rotational autopsy coverage for weekends, holidays or as needed. Maintains the storage areas of the department, keeping them clean and organized. Maintains collaborative, team relationships with peers and colleagues in order to effectively contribute to the working groups achievement of goals, and to help foster a positive work environment Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed. Preparation of human postmortem examinations including: Retrieving the patient's medical chart and other pertinent data for review with the attending pathologist (s). Conferring with the attending pathologist (s) to identify any special techniques and procedures to be utilized in the completion of the postmortem examination, (e.g. cultures; smears; histochemical, immunofluorescence, toxicological, viral or electron microscopy studies etc.), and notifying all personnel directly involved. Notifying the physician in charge, the funeral home, and all other appropriate authorities prior to the beginning of the autopsy; and coordinating any requests for special specimen sampling (e.g. organ transplantation, research, etc.); Performing postmortem examinations which may include: external examination; evisceration; recording of data such as organ weights, presence of body fluids etc., and gross anatomic findings. Obtaining biological specimens such as blood, tissue and toxicological material for studies including flow cytometry, image analysis, immunohistochemistry etc.; and performing special procedures such as coronary artery perfusion, central nervous system perfusion, enucleation, inner ear bone dissection spinal cord removal, etc. Photographing the body, organs, microscopic slides and other pertinent materials. Preparing the body for release (including indicating the presence of biohazards such as contagious disease, radiation implants, etc.), and releasing the body to the appropriate mortuary or funeral home representative. Performing duties related to administrative maintenance of anatomic pathology protocols; photographic and microscopic slides; and assuring the completion of coding. Assuring the proper maintenance of equipment, the provision of adequate supplies, and the cleanliness of the autopsy suite. Teaching Assist as needed in teaching of autopsy techniques to residents. Teaching of cutting room administrative techniques, including accessioning cases, dictating descriptions, preparing cassettes with cassette labeler, photographing specimens to pathology residents. Training of Pathology Technicians as needed in autopsy techniques. Administrative Duties Preparing new stocks of reagents. Restocking supplies of consumables. Ensures that tissues are retained for appropriate periods of time as defined in the procedures manual. Ensures disposal of tissues after appropriate holding period. Ensures proper discarding of contaminated materials. Ensures master formalin reservoir is filled. Prepares and maintains adequate supply of formalin containers for distribution to clinics, operating room and day surgery. Transports bodies between morgue and autopsy room. Ensures compliance with JCAHO, CAP, HIPAA, OSHA and other appropriate standards, as regards safety of laboratory personnel, patient confidentiality, and integrity of patient related materials. Requirements: High school diploma and Associates/Paramedical degree Two years' experience as an autopsy technician or in a related anatomic pathology field. General knowledge of Anatomic Pathology Laboratory operations. Experience and knowledge of data entry and retrieval on the computer. Good organizational skills to coordinate specimen handling.