Bay Cove Human Services Case Aide in Boston, Massachusetts

Check patient's schedule for the day. Assist with and/or perform procedures with proper instruction and supervision. Responsible for client's receipt of Andrew House Orientation Packet, the Client Handbook. May set up and use equipment and appliances on the unit as directed by the charge nurse or the case aide supervisor. Observe patients and note physical condition, attitude, reactions, etc and report unusual findings to charge nurse. Chart information in orderly log and sign entry. Observe sanitary techniques in cleaning rooms on discharge to prevent spread of disease and infections at all times. Participate in general ward cleaning duties. Attend in-service trainings and daily case conferences as directed by supervisor. Assist in providing non-professional nursing or other supportive care under the direction and supervision of professional nurses/counselors. Maintain proper care and use of supplies and equipment. Drive patients to appointments or discharge destination in the absence of the driver. May be required to perform some out of doors activity such as shoveling snow to clear emergency exits or policing grounds near trash receptacles. High school diploma, previous experience in SA and/or MH setting. Ability to understand and follow the regulations pertaining to confidentiality of client records and treatment. Ability to apply aseptic technique in patient care.